RH208 Home Ozone generator for Air Purifier
Ozone output :200-400mg/hr
Voltage :220VAC or 110VAC
Time set :5mins,10mins,15mins
Power :2.16W
Pump flow :2.15L/min
Weight :0.88kg
Dimension :23x11.5x10cm
Application :Air purifier Water purifier
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More Details
1. Ozone is one kind of effective disinfectant with the features.
2. Ozone generator for water and air can be utilized, easily, applied to a lot of aspects.
4. Low power consumption, Low carbon and energy saving. 
6. Portable design and multifunction:it is used for car air purifier and office and home air purifier. It can remove  the pesticide on the vegetables and fruits, and the baby toys Disinfection and sterilization.
1. Water treatment, sterilization of fruit and vegetable, keep food fresh.
2. Eliminates odors
3. Effectively decomposing harmful gas in new-decorated house, such as formaldehyde, benzene, paint etc.
4. destroys airborne microbes
5. Safe, quite and energy efficient
Vegetable and fruits sterilization
Electronic shoe cabinet
Air purifier
Water purifier
Application method:
1. It is better to set the time according to the room size while О3 works for disinfection and purification. We suggest setting Maximum 30 minis for disinfection a 30㎡ room. 
2.When the О3 works, people have to leave the room, and close the door and wind-ows to make sure ozone is  working in airtight space. Nobody is allowed to enter the room until the ozone finishes working.
3.In the car air purifier, open the product and set the time, people leave the car and close the car door and windows.