Fruit And Vegetable Purifier Machine
Rated Voltage :220VAC
Rated frequency :50Hz
Power :15W
Capacity :4L
Product Weight :3.625kg
Package Size : 37.5*32.5*28.5cm
Ozone output :350mg/h
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More Details
1. The product converts tap water into Ozonized water.
2. The unit relies on water pressure to work properly.
3. The LED light shine brightly when the water pressure is sufficient(over 0.12 Mpa) and Ozoen is being produced.
4. If the LED light does not come on, there is insuffcient pressure to generate Ozone. 
1.The ozone starts to work immediately. Wait a while before consumption in order for purification to take place ( Do not drink Ozonized water immediately from the tap).
2.Preferably keep the water in a cup or jug for at least 30 minutes before drinking.
3.Ensure adequate ventilation around the unit when operating.
4.Ensure breath hole remains clear and dry.
5.Do not block the water faucet with hands or other substances.
6.As this product contains electric components it should be cleaned by wiping with a wet cloth and should not be immersed or submerged in water.
7.In a high humidity environment such as a bath room, the ozone generating capacity will be less.
8.The unit should be disconnected in temperatures of below 0 degrees.
9.Push О3 water switch to switch off the О3 generator to obtain normal tap water.