Fruit And Vegetable Purifier Machine
Rated Voltage :220VAC
Rated frequency :50Hz
Power :15W
Capacity :4L
Product Weight :3.625kg
Package Size : 37.5*32.5*28.5cm
Ozone output :350mg/h
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1.The disinfection of bacteria: in life can be completely effective on  fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. sterilization. With ozone water frozen seafood. Meat products has a strong preservation of function. 
2.Degradation of pesticides and hormones: Ozone has strong oxidation resistance, rapid oxidative degradation of pesticides and hormones, pesticides and hormones to make into a stable organic matter.
3.Food preservation: fruits and vegetables treasure with oxygen machine processed seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, can extend the storage time, the paint is seafood and meat, can be shared with ozone water in its frozen, fresh better. Others need bad food preservative available oxygen machine without water. Bagging fresh.
4.The oxidation of heavy metals ions: Oxygen in the oxygen atom to the metal oxide, water-soluble, non-toxic water-insoluble hig-valent compound, to precipitate separated, treated water can be directly consumed after 20 minutes. pure water.
5.Odor and harmful gas: You can remove indoor smoke, musty, paint, paint comes out of formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases. 
2.Portable fruit machine: Hand grip, easy to tie, freedom to move up move. 
3.The transparent cover: Transparent cover, such as fruits and vegetables can be observed at all times insidde the container cleaning situation, personalized design.
4.The control panel: with six  kinds (meat , seafood, fruits and vegetables, disinfection, deodorization, health care) cleaning fruits and vegetables function mode, different fruits and vegetables to select a different function mode.
5.Fruit and vegetable detoxification machine base: fruit machine base has four plastic soft plastic, fruit machine on a flat surface during operation, easy to move, remained stable.