• About Us

    Our company is a professional company with production of various kinds of puri-fication equipment,such as big ,small and medium-sized ozone generator,ozone disinfection machine in china.


    And we engaged in purification products develop,manufacturing and sales,water treatment and air purification project engineering,design and installation. we are ozone generator ODM/OEM Manufacture for 15 years experience.


    we have CE and Rohs approved.

    The Ozone main function

    Air disinfection, deodorization, decomposition of toxic gases


    It can kill bacteria, viruses in the air, kill microorganisms that grow in carpets, and prevent the occurrence of influenza; at the same time, it can prevent wall and ceiling hair and mold from being caused during the wet season. Toxins and odors released by toluene, formaldehyde, decoration, plywood, paint, etc. can be removed for newly renovated houses. It can effectively remove indoor odors such as smoke, paint, and odor, purify the air, keep the indoor air fresh and natural, and improve air quality.


    Kitchen removes fumes and decomposes harmful gases

    According to the World Health Organization, women who cook in the kitchen every day are 6-8 times more likely to get lung cancer than men who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. Because only 46% of the gas in the kitchen is actually burned, 45% of the gas is not burned and volatilized, producing carbon monoxide. It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and oxygen after passing active oxygen.

    Used in the car

    Kill micro-bacteria; eliminate toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and all kinds of smoke, odor, synthetic leather smell in the car, make passengers comfortable, sober the driver, and prevent accidents.

    Animal breeding plant

    Disinfect the air of the breeding plant to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, reduce the use of antibiotics, and reduce the harm of the polluted air to the health of workers.

    Refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet deodorizing, disinfecting, anti-mildew

    Refrigerator disinfection and fresh keeping; closet, shoe cabinet anti-mildew, deodorization Put the explosive gas into the refrigerator and shoe cabinet, the door is hidden, and the treatment is 5-15 minutes. Can be sterilized and deodorized. Anti-mildew treatment of the wardrobe, generally only 1-3 times a season. You can prevent mildew and moth.

    Fruit and vegetable detoxification

    It can fully degrade residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables and kill bacteria and viruses on the surface. It does not change the taste of food, but also extends the shelf life. It is suitable for cleaning various fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, mixed vegetables and pickled vegetables. Can remove additives and hormones in meat food. Washing fish meat and seafood shellfish can remove fishy smell and bacteria on the surface, and the meat after washing is more delicious and delicate.

    Daily necessities

    Sterilization of tableware, clothing, etc., especially baby toys, baby bottles, women's underwear, etc. Washing the clothes with active oxygen water can remove the detergent residue, and the washed clothes are brighter.

    Purify water quality, increase oxygen, decolorize, clear water quality.

    Skin care and beauty can remove bacteria and dirt in the pores, increase the skin's respiratory function, activate skin cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and make skin white, smooth and delicate. Wash your face with oxygenated water, shrink pores can effectively remove makeup residues and remove makeup safely.

    Sterilization and disinfection to prevent fungal infections. Can prevent various beriberi.

    Precautions for use:

    1. When used for water treatment, please raise the height of the water surface to prevent the water from flowing back from the air outlet pipe into the machine and causing malfunction.

    2. Do not start the machine directly at high temperature (above 42 degrees) or excessive oil fume, high humidity, etc., so as not to affect the active oxygen output efficiency and life of the machine.

    3. When using active oxygen for sterilization, please do not directly touch the outlet of active oxygen with eyes or respiratory tract to avoid discomfort.

    4. When using active oxygen for air treatment in a closed room, personnel need to leave the room machine, shut down for 30-40 minutes and then enter again. The machine needs to open the window when purifying the formaldehyde in the room.

    5. When using active oxygen sterilization and disinfection, if the body feels unwell, feels too irritating or dizzy, please suspend use.

    6. The water treated with active oxygen can be used with confidence after 5-10 minutes.

    7. It is normal for the active oxygen outlet of the machine to appear white and yellow after use.

    8. When doing poison sweeping in water, aeration stones should be placed as deep as possible in the water.

    9. Do not use pots made of aluminum and iron for water treatment and food disinfection with active oxygen. Use plastic or stainless steel pots.