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    Ozone Generator------- Application

    The ozone generator can be used in large range, such as: Air Treatment, water treatment,Farms,Laundry,Pool and Spa,Aquaculture,food storage,odor removal, seafood progress, room air purifier

    Ozone Generator------- Application

    What is ozone?


    Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants available, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew in air, water and diverse applications almost instantly and more efficiently than any other technology.


    Ozone’s molecular structure is three oxygen atoms (O3).


    How is the ozone product?


    Ozone can be produced artificially by an ozone generator according to the same principles that occur in nature; by UV light (ozone layer) or by corona discharge (lightning).


    In both methods the bonds between oxygen molecules are broken forming oxygen radicals (O), which connect with other oxygen molecules (O2) to create ozone (O3).


    The corona discharge method is preferred for ozone production due to its prolonged efficiency and lower production costs.


    An ozone generator uses either ambient air or pure oxygen to create ozone.


    The benefit of using pure oxygen is that higher concentrations of ozone can be achieved more quickly.


    Applications requiring high ozone concentrations will therefore favour the use of an oxygen concentrator, which separates pure oxygen from the air.


    How does ozone work?


    Ozone destroys pathogens and odours by an oxidation process: one of the three oxygen atoms reacts and splits from the ozone molecule to oxidize matter with inherent oxidation demand.


    In so doing, the ozone molecule is transformed into oxygen. Any excess ozone is stable for a short time before decomposing back into oxygen.

    The most common ozone applications include air and water purification as well as applications where ozone can fully or partially replace disinfectants.


    As opposed to most chemicals, ozone is safe to use.


    Why is ozone a green technology?


    Ozone is a green technology with many environmental benefits.


    It reduces our dependence on traditionally used, harmful chemicals such as chlorine and eliminates their hazardous disinfectant by-products (DBPs).


    The only by-product created by ozone applications is oxygen which is reabsorbed into the atmosphere.


    Ozone’s ability to disinfect in cold water also saves energy.

  • Ozone Generator Cell

    Tube & Plate type

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    500mg tube type

    power supply size: 60*42*30mm

    Tube: 14*27mm

    Input Voltage: 220VAC/110V

    Ozone output: 500mg/hr​

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    mini ozone generator FW-120

    Ozone output: 200-400mg/hr

    Voltage: 12VDC

    Power: 2.16w

    weight: 0.06kg

    Dimension: 3.45x8.5x5cm

    Application: Air purifier,water purifier

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    2G tube type

    power supply size: 152*47*44mm

    Ceramic chip size: 160*51*55mm

    Input Voltage: 220V/110V

    output Voltage: 3.1kv

    power: 30w

    Frequency: 3khz

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    3G tube type

    power supply size: 152*47*44mm

    Ceramic Chip size: 200*51*55mm

    Input voltage: 220V/110V

    Output Voltage: 3.1kv

    power: 30w

    Frequency: 3khz


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    5G tube type

    power supply size: 160*65*45mm

    Ceramic Chip size: 243*30mm

    Input Voltage: 220V/110V

    Output Voltage: 3.1kv

    power: 80w

    Frequency: 18khz

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    3.5g plate type ozone generator

    power supply size: 145*58*43mm

    Ceramic Chip size: 112*50mm

    Input Voltage: 220V/110/12V

    Output Voltage: 3.1-3.5kv

    power: 40-50w

    Frequency: 18-20khz

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    2g 3g 5g 7g ozone tube

    2g ozone tube size: 170*outside diameter 45mm

    2g power supply size: 50mm*55mm*140mm

    power: 35w 22VAC

    3g ozone tube size: 200*outside diameter 45mm

    5g ozone tube size: 250*outside diameter: 45mm

    7g ozone tube size: 300*outside diameter:45mm

    7g power supply size: 50mm*55mm*140mm


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    7g plate type ozone generator

    power supply size: 145*58*43mm

    Ceramic Chip size: (112*50mm)*2

    Input Voltage: 220V/110V/12V

    Output Voltage: 5kv

    power: 95w

    Frequency: 16khz

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    50mg plate type ozone generator

    powre supply size: 60*30*30mm

    Ceramic Chip size: 22*15mm/15*15mm

    Input voltage: 220V/110V12V

    Output Voltage: 2.8-3.2kv

    power: 10w

    Frequency: 20khz

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    200mg plate type ozone generator

    power supply size: 60*30*30mm

    Ceramic Chip size: 36*15mm

    Input voltage: 220V/110/12V

    Output Voltage: 2.8-3.2kv

    power: 10w


  • RH-319 ozone generator

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  • Household ozone genertor

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    ozone output: 200-400mg/hr voltage:12VDC/110-220VACall available

    time set: 0-15mins


    weight: 1.18kg Dimension: 17.5x12.5x8.5cm

    Application: Air purifier,water purifier

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    ozone output: 200-400mg/hr

    voltage: 12VDC/110-220VAC all available

    time set: 5mins,10mins,15mins

    power: 2.16w

    pump flow: 2.15L/min

    weight: 0.86kg

    Dimension: 11x15.5x5.6cm

    application:Air purifier,water purifier


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    power generator: water power three-phase alternator

    output power: 3~4.5w

    working Humidity/Temperature: 25%RH-90%RH/0℃-50℃

    03 water consistency: 0.3~0.5ppm

    pipe water pressure: 0.12~0.45MPa

    main material: ABS resin casing

    weight: 250g

    Dimensions: 164x148x86mm

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    Rated voltage: 220VAC

    Rated frequency: 50HZ

    Power: 15w

    Capacity: 4L

    product weight: 3.625kg

    package size 37.5*32.5*28.5cm

  • RH-366 Car Air Purifier

    mobile phone charger

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    Anion and ozone output

    How to use it ?

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    air pump and water pump

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    FW-180 mini pump

    Air output: ​2.0L/min

    pump pressure: 20kpa

    power Requirement: DC12V,0.17A

    power Consumption: 2w

    pump Design: Double diaphragm,duckbil valves

    pump Body: PLASTLC

    Outlet & Inlet Dia: 0.3mm

    Electrical Connections: 1-ft(300mm) Insulated wire pair

    Noise Level: 30dB


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    RH-77 mini pump

    Size(mm): 88x53x35.7

    Voltage(V): 12/24 100~240

    Frequency(HZ): AC DC 50/60

    Current(MA): 15

    Power(W): 2.8

    Flow(L/mini): 3~6

    Pressure(Kpa): 12-25

    Noise(dB): <32


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    RH-80 mini pump

    size: 114.6x63x54.2

    Voltage(V): 12/24 100~240


    power(W): 4

    Flow(L/min): 8~15

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    model FW-100

     Voltage: DC6V 12V 24V

    Current: 380mA@6V、250mA@12V、150mA@24V

    Max pressure: >525mmHg(70KPa)

    Airtight: <3mmHg/minute

    Flow: >2.0L/Min

    Noise: <60dB

    Pipe Diameter: Φ4.2mm

    Dimension: Φ27*58mm

    Application: small applicances

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    RH-15 vacuum pump

    Size(mm): 106x103x48

    Voltage(V): 12/24 100~240

    Frequency(HZ): AC DC 50/60

    Current(MA): 24

    Power(w): 4.5

    Flow(L/min): 5

    Pressure(Kpa): 120

    Noise(dB): <32

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    RH-20 mini pump

    Size(mm): 38.3x29.3x17.5

    Voltage(V): 3/6/12

    Current(MA): 30

    Power(W): 0.5

    Flow(L/min): 0.5

    Pressure(Kpa): 60​

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    RH-60 mini pump

    Size(mm): 60.5x128

    Voltage(V): 6/12/24

    Frequency(HZ): DC

    Current(MA): 1400

    Power(W): 16

    Flow(L/min): 14

    Pressure(Kpa): 80

    Noise(dB): <32

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    RH-S1500 water pump

    Size(mm): 96x80x72

    Voltage(V): 220

    Frequency(HZ): 50

    Current(MA): 85

    Power(W): 18

    Flow(L/H): 1000

    Higher(M): 2

    Noise(dB): <40​

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    Two-way air pump, hand pump, swimming pool hand pump, swimming ring inflatable bed, air pump, air pump

    material: PVC

    size: 30x10.5x10.5cm

    application :Inflatable use of inflatable products, suitable for indoor and outdoor


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  • plate 220VAC 5g/hr, 10g/hr, 20g/hr Ozone Generator With Fan

    plate 220VAC 5g/hr, 10g/hr, 20g/hr Ozone Generator With Fan

    $13.89 - $31.77
    Voltage : 220VAC

    Ozone Output : 5g/hr,10g/hr,20g/hr

    power : 60W, 100W, 200W,

    ozone output size:170*120*125mm
    Coming soon
    1g/hr 2g/hr,3g/hr,5g/hr,10g/hr ,Ozone tube ozone genrator

    1g/hr 2g/hr,3g/hr,5g/hr,10g/hr ,Ozone tube ozone genrator

    $6.17 - $23.52
    2g ozone tube size :170*outside diameter 45mm
    2g power supply size :50mm*55mm*140mm
    power :35w 220VAC
    3g ozone tube size :200*outside diameter 45mm
    5g ozone tube size : 250*outside diameter 45mm
    10g ozone tube size : 300*outside diameter 45mm
    10g power supply size :50mm*55mm*140mm
    Electrode material : quartz tube
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    2g Tube-Type Ozone Generator

    2g Tube-Type Ozone Generator

    Power Supply Size :152*47*44mm
    Ceramic Chip Size :160*51*55mm
    lnput Voltage :220V/110v
    Output Voltage :3.1kV
    power :30W
    Frequency :3khz
    Coming soon
    220vac 500mg mini Ozone Generator for air sterlization and water sterlization

    220vac 500mg mini Ozone Generator for air sterlization and water sterlization

    Voltage: 220VAC
    Ozone Yield: 500mg / h-800mg/hr ;
    Net/GrossWeight: 0.3kg/0.4kg.
    Working Principle:
    Take advantage of high voltage, use oxygen in the air as raw material to produce O3.
    a. The residual hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and germs on the surface of fruits and vegetables can be fully degraded. Having it, you can rest assured that eat fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, seafood, the flavor will be even more delicious.
    b. It can also be used in drinking water, tableware, daily necessities, for disinfection and prevention of many diseases.
    PET ROOM,Fish Tank tank,Spa pool,
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    220VAC 110VAC Plate 10g,20g,30g,Ozone Generator for air purifier

    220VAC 110VAC Plate 10g,20g,30g,Ozone Generator for air purifier

    $80.00 - $130.00
    voltage :220VAC/110VAC

    Ozone output :10g,20g,30g

    This type of ozone generator is suitable only for air purifiers
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    Car Air Purifier And Mobile Phone Charger-RH-366

    Car Air Purifier And Mobile Phone Charger-RH-366

    Power :5-6W
    Frequency :50-60HZ
    USB charge port voltage :5V DC
    Anion output : >5000,000m³
    Ozone output:50-100mg/hr
    The range of using : <30㎡
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    RH208 Home Ozone generator for Air Purifier

    RH208 Home Ozone generator for Air Purifier

    Ozone output :200-400mg/hr
    Voltage :220VAC or 110VAC
    Time set :5mins,10mins,15mins
    Power :2.16W
    Pump flow :2.15L/min
    Weight :0.88kg
    Dimension :23x11.5x10cm
    Application :Air purifier Water purifier
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    Multifunction Car Household Ozone generator for air purifier

    Multifunction Car Household Ozone generator for air purifier

    Ozone output :200-400mg/hr
    VOltage :110VAC/220VAC
    Time Set :0-15mins
    Power :2.16L/min
    Weight :1.18kg
    Dimension :23x9x16.5cm
    Application:Air purifier Water purifier
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    110VAC  220VAC  Tube Type 3g/hr, 5g/hr ,7g/hr, Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier

    110VAC 220VAC Tube Type 3g/hr, 5g/hr ,7g/hr, Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier

    $100.08 - $162.54
    Voltage :220VAC/110VAC
    Ozone output :3g/hr 5g/hr 7g/hr
    Application :47x22x30cm
    Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    Home Tap Ozone Water Purifier

    Home Tap Ozone Water Purifier

    Power Generator :Water power three-phase alternator
    Output power :3~4.5W
    O3 Water Consistency :0.3~0.45MPa
    Main Material : ABS Resin Casing
    Weight :0.48kg
    Dimensions : 16.3X15X8cm
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    Mini Ozone Generator FW-120 for portable CPAP sanitizing device

    Mini Ozone Generator FW-120 for portable CPAP sanitizing device

    Ozone output: 200-400mg/hr
    Voltage :12VDC
    Power :2.16W
    Weight :0.06kg
    Dimension :3.15x8.5x5cm
    Application :Air purifier ,Wtaer purifier
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    RH-77 12VDC  220VAC  110VAC  3L/min  mini air pump

    RH-77 12VDC 220VAC 110VAC 3L/min mini air pump

    $3.00 - $3.17
    air pump voltage :12vdc, or 220VAC or 110VAC available
    air pump flow :3L/min
    View more details...
    Coming soon
    220vac tube 3g  5g  10g ozone generator for air purifier

    220vac tube 3g 5g 10g ozone generator for air purifier

    $105.08 - $231.00
    Coming soon
    220VAC ozone generator

    220VAC ozone generator

    votlage is 220VAC,

    the ozone generator is used for water purifier and air purifier .
    Coming soon
  • Ozone Generators FAQs



    Per a recent report by the World Health Organization, nine in 10 individuals worldwide breathe in polluted air every day from various pollutants alone. Seven million die yearly as a result. More die from disease of different causes. The hief culprit has been identified as ground ozone that ozone generators can handle.


    1.Please describe an ozone generator.

          It is a machine designed specifically to convert the air around you into ozone gas.


    2. What is it for?

         It is intended to purify water or air by eliminating sources of unpleasant smell, pollution and contamination in a given area.


    3. How does it accomplish those functions?

    The generator can eliminate undesirable odor or pesky dirt in your car that you find hard to remove.

    It can also kill harmful microorganisms in the air or in water like bacteria, viruses, and molds.


    4. Is it complicated to operate?

          No. It operates on its own.

    All you need is to turn it on for a desired period of time and it will operate to deliver the promised benefits.

    It is also portable and capable of removing foul smell or stubborn dirt in otherwise unreachable or hidden areas.


    5. How does it work?

          You first have to make sure that there are no people and animals where you will use it.      

    When you turn it on, the generator sucks air from one area to another where electrical charges convert carbon dioxide to ozone gas.

    When you turn it off, the windows and doors of the place should be wide opened to let the ozone out completely.

    The foul smell, dirt and disease-causing microorganisms disappear.

    After about two hours, the space is clean and free of these unpleasant things.


    5. Name the steps in using an ozone generator to clean a car.

          Follow these steps in this order:

    a) first, manually clean the car your usual way;

    b) then, apply your desired or usual cleaning chemicals;

    c) next, remove all materials inside the car so that the generator can work effectively;

    d) vacuum-clean the inside of the car;

    e) send everyone out of the car, including yourself, and animals, if any;

    f) place the ozone generator inside if it fits or is advisable;

    g) if not, connect a hose instead of the ozone generator through one window of the car.

    This is to allow the ozone gas to enter the inside of the car.

    Seal that window through which the hose is inserted.

    This is to make sure that the ozone gas will not escape.

    h) turn the generator on and keep it running for 30 minutes or up to two hours;

    i) when finished, open all the doors of the car to let the ozone gas out into the atmosphere to dissipate;

    j) expect an unpleasant smell to remain in the car for a few days.

    You may leave the doors of the car open wide for at least two hours before entering it.     


    6. Is this ozone generator or the ozone gas itself safe enough?

          Ozone gas rapidly decays and turns into diatomic oxygen.

    All living organisms breathe in diatomic oxygen to survive.

    That is why you and others should enter the car only after the ozone gas has completely gone out.

    It also takes large amounts of ozone gas to become harmful to human beings and animals when ingested.


    7. What is ozone?

          Ozone is the oxygen gas at the top layer of the stratosphere.

    It protects the earth from the sun’s destructive radiation.

    It is a very reactive form of oxygen, made up of three atoms of this gas or O3.

    And when inhaled, it can be very damaging to health.


    8. What are its other benefits that justify its use?

           It destroys disease-causing bacteria in food or surfaces.

    It cleans swimming pools.

    It waters plants in order to kill parasites.

    It decontaminates surgery rooms if applied at less than 50ppm.    


    9. Name some reminders in using an ozone generator.

           It should never be used in places without ventilation or open air.

    It should not be operated for several hours.

    The place or room to be cleaned should be empty of people and animals.

    It should not be used frequently.

    Using ozone generator regularly can damage the interiors of your car, home or office.

    It should be operated only by trained professionals at least at the start.


    10. How does an ozone generator affect health?

          Exposure to the ozone gas from an ozone generator can:

          Irritate your eyes, nose, throat or lungs.

    Cause cough or make it worse if you already have it.

    Make breathing difficult.

    Worsen respiratory conditions like asthma.

    Send you to the emergency room or hospital if it triggers your respiratory conditions.

    Damage plants and materials, such as rubber, clothing, or wire coatings inside your house, room or office.


    11. Can an ozone generator reduce indoor air pollution all by itself?

          No, but it can when combined with practical ways of controlling it, such as through sufficient ventilation.


    12. What are some of those practical ways?

          The use of air filers, ionizers or electronic particle air cleaners.

    Materials that absorb gas, like activated charcoal, can remove gaseous pollutants.      

          These materials are preferable to air cleaners, which are expensive.

    Air cleaners must also be of the exact size, installed, used and maintained only according to directions in order to be effective.

    Air cleaners are also more suitable for offices and other workplaces than for the home.


    13. How does an ozone generator kill molds and mildew?

          An ozone generator can “blast” or “shock” them fast and affordably.

    Otherwise, building materials, like wood framing, sheet rock, carpets and ceiling panels, will have to be removed and destroyed first in order to kill molds and mildew.

    But an ozone generator can do that easily.


    14. How does it remove pathogens?

          Pathogens are very tiny organisms that cause diseases.

    An ozone generator can destroy these microorganisms effectively by attacking them at the molecular level.


    15. Where are these microorganisms usually found?

          In your TV remote control device, kitchen sink, bathroom and sink, kitchen utensils, doorknobs and other surfaces and objects.


    16. How does an ozone generator eliminate foul smell?

          When an ozone generator destroys microorganisms by attacking them on the molecular level, those airborne cells that produce foul smell are also attacked and removed.

    This is why many hotels, offices, other buildings and homes use it to eliminate unpleasant odors and tobacco smoke.

          Farmers and other property owners also use ozone generators to deodorize their farms, storage rooms and properties.

          Many of them use traditional techniques at first, such as cleaning chemicals and air fresheners.

    When these methods fail to remove the bad odor, they resort to ozone generators to “shock” and rid the place of foul smell.


    17. Is ozone, therefore, good or bad?

          Good ozone is that one in the stratosphere or high up between the sun and the earth.

    It protects people and animals from the destructive radiation of the sun.

    Bad ozone is that which is on the ground level as a pollutant.

    It damages the health of all living things.


    18. How does bad ozone form?

          The interaction of sunlight with some chemicals produces it.

    Examples are emissions of gas from industrial plants and vehicles.


    19. Will ozone make everyone sick?

          Not necessarily.

    Some people are not as healthy as others.

    Children, older people and those suffering from asthma or allergy are at a greater health risk when exposed to ozone than others.


    20. What is the government doing to protect us against these risks?

          The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA passed and implements the Clean Air Act to protect public health..

    This Act established standards and implements then to monitor outdoor air quality.

    These standards identified six air pollutants.

    One of these six identified air pollutants is ozone.

    EPA monitors ozone levels outdoors to protect your health.

    You should follow standards set by EPA and the Clean Air Act when using an ozone generator in your car, house, office or any enclosed area.

    Your use of an ozone generator for your home, car or office should follow the standards set by EPA and the Clean Air Act.


    21. Are there other government agencies protecting us from these health risks?


    Among them are the USFDA, the NIOSH and the ARB.

    The USFDA is the United States Food and Drug Administration.

    It limits the proeuction of ozone at 50 ppb or parts per billion for indoor medical devices.

    The NIOSH is the National Institute of Occupational Safe and Health.

    It limits indoor ozone levels at 100 ppb.

    And ARB is the Air Resources Board.

    It alerts the public on health risks caused by ozone.


    22. Is an ozone generator different from an air purifier or ionizer?

          Yes, slightly.

    It is sometimes sold as an air purifier and falsely claimed as safe and effective.

    Air purifiers, ionizers, and electrostatic precipitators produce ozone only as a by-product because of their mechanisms.

    Ionizers are now more popular than ozone generators.

    They are both designed for use at home to clean the air, and remove unwanted odors.

    But the 2005 issue of Consumer Reports Magazine declared these machines as potentially more harmful than an ozone generator.

    They produce ozone only as a by-product but at harmful levels.


    23. What has been done to prevent this after the report was published?

          The federal government now enforces a more strict regulation process for ozone generators.

    This new regulation applies when intentionally applying ozone or when it comes only as a by-product.

    whether they produce ozone on purpose or is produced only as a by-product.

    No agency of the federal government allows the use of ozone generators in enclosed places only when completely empty of people and animals.


    24. Just to be clear, how is good ozone produced?

          Good ozone is present in the stratosphere, which shields the earth from the destructive ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

          Bad ozone is produced by chemicals used by human beings below the stratosphere.


    25. How does an ozone generator operate technically?

          In one of two ways.

    One is through silent corona discharge.

          Through this, the machine splits normal oxygen molecules O2 into individual atoms.

    These individual atoms connect to other O2 molecules in the air and produce ozone gas or O3.

    The other way is through Ultraviolet radiation.

    This process is similar to the first but is less efficient.


    26. Why is ozone gas not used to eliminate troublesome volatile organic compounds or VOCs?

          Because it will take thousands of years to remove even 14 of the most common VOCs now polluting the air.

          A research found that removing ozone concentrations of, for example, 100 ppb from the air will take more than 880 years.

    Six of these 14 pollutants need to be broken down into their half-lives before they can weaken and dissipate..

    One of these, formaldehyde, will take 4,400 years to break down into its half-life.

    Styrene is the only pollutant among them with a half-life of only four hours.


    27. Where is an ozone generator suited for use?

           For commercial cleaning, ideally or as designed.

    It is suited for hotels, cars, restaurants and other places that entertain customers on a regular basis.

    The place should first be cleaned and all possible sources of foul odor removed.

    Many inns and hotels use an ozone generator to deodorize and try to clean their rooms when guests leave and before new ones check in.

    This is dangerous because residual ozone is likely to remain in the room.

    And only trained professionals from trusted manufacturers like CNRUIHUA in China should be allowed to operate an ozone generator.


    28. How does EPA monitor ozone levels indoors?

          It uses advanced sensory machines to measure and review ozone levels indoors.

    Then it sends its findings to the media to inform the public.


    29. What happens if I inhale ozone?

          If you are sensitive to it, your lungs may get inflamed, damage your airways and expose you to respiratory infections.

    Inhaling it even in small amounts can also cause you chest pain and coughs.

    You may find it hard to breathe naturally.

    30. I exercise regularly. What happens if I breathe in ozone?

          If you are sensitive to ozone and you breathe in large amounts, it can damage your health.

    You breathe in much air when you work out or exercise.

    This means you also breathe in ozone, whether in small or large amounts.

    Exercise or workout, therefore, exposes you to ozone in the place where it is applied.

    The more active you are, the more you are exposed to health risks in places where ozone is applied.


    31. How does ozone affect my immune system?

          The long-term effects of ozone exposure may weaken your immune system.

    Increasing scientific evidence suggests that prolonged exposure can make you more prone to disease and infection, such as bacteria.


    32. Despite health risks, why should I use an ozone generator?

          Because it is capable of cleaning, deodorizing, and eliminating unwanted odors and harmful microorganisms.

    Although you should not use it continuously, you can still use it at safe times but with care.

    33. How should I use it with care?

          You should buy an ozone generator from a reliable and professional company that manufacturers it as its successful business.

    CNRUHUA is one such company.

    Its professional manpower consists of experts who are properly trained to operate the machine safely and efficiently.      

          Before they operate the ozone generator, you should remove all possible sources of the foul odor in the place.

    You should also clean it ahead of time with safe and effective cleaners.

    You should vacuum clean the carpets, dust all areas and wipe all surfaces.

    In many cases, cleaning the place well can make an ozone generator unnecessary.


    34. Is it better to buy or just rent an ozone generator?

          If you own and run a hotel, restaurant, office or other properties where foul odors are common, buying an ozone generator may be advisable.

    But if you are just a home owner, it is better to rent one for personal use.

    If you buy one for personal use, be sure it is not operating when you are in your room.

    You should not use it frequently and in large amounts or long hours.


    35. What pathogens may be present in untreated water for which an ozone generator is needed?

          They are bacteria, protozoa, viruses, rotaviruses and helmintes.


    36. Name some diseases they cause.

          Gastroenteritis from bacteria or viruses; typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, shingelosis and salmonelliasis from bacteria;

    Amebiasis and giardiasis from protozoa;

    Ascariasis from helmintes; and

    Infectious hepatitis from Hepatitis A virus.


    37. What kinds of ozone generators does CNRUIHUA manufacture?

          It manufactures 50 types.

          The two major ones are the RH-319 ozone generator and the household ozone generator.

    The RH-319 ozone generator comes in two types: the portable and one without wheels.

    You can choose from a range of ozone outputs, weights, lengths, widths, heights and power outputs to suit your need or preference.

          The household ozone generator types are the KW-300 and RF-208.

    Each type has specifications that you can view at https://www.cnruihua.com/ozone-generator-and-air-pump

          Our ozone generator can be used not only for air and water treatments.

    It can also purify your farm, laundry, swimming pool and spa,

    It is also useful for aquaculture and, food storage.

    38. What are the other products offered by CNRUIHUA?

          Purifier Machine RH-388, KW-600, RH-366 car air purifier, mobile phone chargers RH-366 and mini pumps.

    You can view them at the website stated above.

    39. Why should I trust CNRUIHUA’s ozone generator?

          It has 17 years of continued sales experience globally

    Our 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide are our testimonials.

    In response to ever-increasing demand, we export to more than 80 countries in five continents.

    40. How much are your ozone generators?

          220VAC tube 3g 5g 10g for air purifier is $105.08 - $231.00

    110 VAC 220 VAC tube type 3g/hr, 5g/hr and 7g/hr for both water and air purifier

    $100.08 - $162.54

    220 VAC 110 VAC Plate 10g, 20g, 30g for air purifier is $80.00-$130.00

    RH208 for home air purifier is $34.10

    Home Tap Water Purifier is $44.16

    You may order high or low-quantity, even mini orders as small as 10 pieces.

    We can send samples of our ozone generators for testing with your first order.

    Delivery usually takes 3- 5 days and 5-8 days through FedEx, UPS or DHL.

    You are also invited to view the prices of the rest of our many products and their parts at the above-stated website.


    41. If I decide to sell for you online, what help can you provide?

          CNRUIHUA can send you the necessary and detailed product information, photographs or videos.

    We can also help you build your own website.

    Our website also contains basic information on ozone and ozone generators that will familiarize you and your prospects.


    42. I want to know more about your company, its accomplishments and assets as part of the sale.

          CNRUIHUA integrates factory and trade professionally.

    Most of our factory workers have more than five years of dependable experience in the trade..

          Our monthly factory output exceeds 2,000 pieces of our product lines.

          Regardless of the quantity of your order, we extend the same quality customized service.

          You get not only our quality-tested ozone generators but also all the related products, such as fan, hose, air stone, push button, timer and the rest.

    And of course, the quality service before and after sales.

    You are assured of OEM ODM service whereby we supply your precise design requirements

          Our technical support team is always on hand to assist you.

    They are courteous, friendly, professional and responsive problem-solvers ready to serve you on a 24/7 online basis.

    43. How can contact you?

    Our company operates Mondays to Fridays at 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    You may call us at 008613968701161 or email us at sales@cnruihua.cn

    Our offices are located in luao, liushi, yueqing , zhejiang, China,

    My name is Annie Xu.

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