110VAC  220VAC  Tube Type 3g/hr, 5g/hr ,7g/hr, Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier

110VAC 220VAC Tube Type 3g/hr, 5g/hr ,7g/hr, Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier

$100.08 - $162.54
Voltage :220VAC/110VAC
Ozone output :3g/hr 5g/hr 7g/hr
Application :47x22x30cm
Ozone Generator For Water Purifier And Air purifier
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Ozone generator is dedicated to small ozone in the air purification and water treatment equipment,it uses the latest ozone generating device and a variety of protection circuits,with excellent performance and long service life.
it is an ideal version of traditional disinfection equipment,is to use ozone (Ο3) and oxygen (О2),gas under normal temperature.Ozone has a very short life span in air and will either react with other chemicals it encounters or decompose on its own into normal oxygen. By far the world′s recognized, as the only substances to food and beverage directly disinfected.
For a long time, the medical and health pharmaceutical food processing have been used for air disinfection ultraviolet irradiation, chemical medicine fumigation method, such as spraying, defects one kind or another in the use of ozone sterilization products, provides a fast and efficient disinfection method of safe and reliable to use conveniently.
Ozone generator’s arise, offers a fast and efficient way to most industries. They have been applied to catering, pharmaceutical plants, water treatment and medical care areas.
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Portable ozone generator applied to air and water purification with high cost ratio and efficient effect.
Ozone generator can be widely used in small food plants, pharmaceutical plants, purifying workshop, house, hospitals and other small areas where need air disinfection.
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1) The device output ozone gas which has strong oxidation and catalytic reduction. Viruses and bacteria in the gas under the action of free radicals caused their protein to dissociate and denaturant, nucleic acid and enzyme activity to decrease, so as to achieve a sterilization and odor removal effect.
2) Science proofs that ozone purification is broad spectrum sanitation, has less blind angel to disinfect the virus in air or water.
3) Ozone will either react with other toxic gases such as ozone, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and xylene it encounters or decompose, in a few hours it will revert to O2, therefore no pollution .
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Timing panel shows that: 
1 the right two numerical means work time 
2 left two values represented the stop time 
3 the letter S means seconds, M for minutes, H for hours
Timing Controller Setting
This timer controller switch has two kinds of working mode, you can set the time according to different ways of working needs , and then restart the equipment operation.
1) Circular working mode
You can make equipment automatic cycle work, such as to work 12 hours each time, every 20 minutes, set the panel into digital 12 h20m. 12 h represents work interval time, 20 m represents equipment work time, and the rest alike.
2) Timer Mode (The way most customers use)
You can set equipment work automatically shut off after 20 minutes working, set the panel into digital 00 m20m, 00 m representatives equipment do not need to work, 20 m means the work time, and the rest alike.
2.ozone generator usage
2.1 air purification
Place the product in dissipation room, switch on the device and set time well. To achieve the best air disinfection effect, we suggest you close room doors and windows.
Note: When using ozone in the air disinfection, make sure nobody indoors. Ozone generally need two hours after automatically decomposed into oxygen, staff can’t smell ozone if need stay in indoor. It would be better to use before or after your working time.
2.2 Water purification
The ozone generator can be applied to drinking water or medical treatment water purification. Connecting the air vent to the air stone with silicon hose. It works when you can see bubbles in the water.
Note: Make provision for rest ozone released into air.
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Product operation
advance preparation:
1.check the package to prevent the broken of machine, due to the delivery damage. (Shake the machine body, listen to the sound to judge, check the screws and power lines). Please feel free to contact us in time if you have any questions.
2.After checked correct, place the ozone generator on the flat and dry floor, and connect to the power. Check the wires regularly for preventing damage.
3 .The ozone generator controls feature an on/off switch powering the unit and fan and a red button. Ozone production begins when main switch is turned ON and time set.. Verify that gas is flowing out, smell like houttuynia.